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  1. What a wonderful picture of Beauty to be greeted by on a website

    My name is John I am 77 years of age and in good health, four weeks ago my Son introduced me to Buddy a nine week old little bundle of sandy coloured joy.
    I have the privilege of Buddy’s company for a few time per week when my Son drops him off for a few hours, I must say that for all the puppies I have ever raised this one is the most sensible easy to train ever.
    I guess being potty trained by the breeder was of great help, his temperament is the best I have ever encountered and I want to welcome one just like him into my home.
    Are all well bred puppies of this breed so good?.

    What is the availability for these beautiful animals I would prefer a boy, I don’t know why my preference as they are all beautiful is there a reason for preference?.

    Being in good health at 77 yrs I can’t really see any reason now to take on the responsibility of raising and caring for a companion whilst in my later years, I have doubted myself for a while but family and of course the company I have at times with Buddy have changed my mind.
    Yes I wan’t a good companion to raise and enjoy.

    Kind regards

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